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A work environment with no communication among the staffs are impractical even to visualize. This would lead to grave issues in terms of efficiency and the uncertainty to what’s going around. In today’s world, the importance to verbally communicate is as important as the ones that’s electronically communicated. We are here to deliver quality small business phone systems for companies in Dubai, UAE

In the Contemporary world of digital, Communications are easily done in many methods. Small and medium-sized companies are mainly depending on VoIP Phone Systems rather than traditional telecommunication Solutions.

These companies must invest in a perfect business phone systems to rise above the issues related to the lack of proper communication and to keep the employees perfectly looped in. Distinctive Office telephone systems are needed for different Businesses. One need to find a perfect provider of telephone system to perfectly sync your communications according to your business needs. One need to find not just the provider of telecommunication solutions but someone who can provide you with the best customer support in regard with your telephone system.

office telephone systems

We are the top providers of Avaya Office telephone systems in Dubai, UAE. Our telephone system provides the best package for your business irrespective of the size of your company. Consistent service with all the features and tools a business needs are met through our integrated telephone system.

Avaya’s portfolio of the small business phone systems includes the IP phones including the PABX systems and the PBX system. Avaya’s IP phones are known for its cost efficiency and easy management which are also cost efficient in the long run. These IP phones help an organization with the by making calls over the Internet connection. One of the major advantages in using an IP telephone systems is best felt in making international calls where there are no charges apart from the cost of Internet access.

PABX System

PABX systems (Private automatic branch exchanges) permits several phones to be operated with comparatively lesser number of telephone lines. Through PABX system all the Internal calls are not charged. Depending on the configuration of the PABX systems chosen the features differs. But the key features in this PBAX system are the Picking up and conference calls. The option of toggle in this PABX system allows the user to move up and down multiple calls. The PABX system also features call back, call waiting, call transfer and call forwarding facilities. The PABX system can be used optimally for small to mid-sized businesses as new features are added to it with the ever changing technology.

PBX System

PBX system (Private branch Exchanges) is maintained by the company rather than the service provider. The PBX system also can be called the swapping system that achieves concentration of centralized office lines and provides intercommunication between the several telephone connections of the company. This PBX system has a chosen extension number that can be mapped with the central office number. PBXs have advanced into VoIP centers that are mainly held by the operators or in some cases by the manufacturers themselves. PBX systems are mainly used by larger organizations. But recently many telecommunication solutions providers are hosting the PBX systems and the IP Phone systems are connected via an Internet connection. The common features in the PBX system include the Auto attendant, Auto dialing, call blocking, call forwarding, call transfer, call waiting, conference call, DND, Voice mail and so on. These facilities differ in accordance with the different PABX systems available at Avaya.