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PABX Systems

PABX Systems

The private branch exchange system (PBX) gives your staff the access to multiple phone lines through their desk’s phone. It helps a private network of handsets in a workplace, permitting employees to connect with their colleagues as well as clients, vendors, and customers all over the world. A PABX System is a physical, on-site switching system that accomplishes these central functions and knobs itself to the PSTN lines [ For e.g. In UAE, Etisalat and Du are the service providers], which connects the world’s telephone lines, cellular and satellite communications networks, and others, allowing or enabling an employee to hear a voice on the other end of the line. The choice of features obtainable by PABX systems varies depends on the brands available.

Cisco and Avaya PABX System Dubai

Avaya PABX Systems

Avaya’s Office telephone system has made it affordable for everyone an advanced unified communications and contact center solutions throughout their enterprise. The Integration and delivering of voice, video, data, and web communications applications and the facilities to your team anyplace—whether they’re in the office, or on the move. A seamless workforce combined with the telecommunication solutions provided by Avaya Dubai can result you with a satisfied customer thus increasing your productivity to a greater extent.

Avaya’s telephone system is combined of progressive large enterprise functionality advanced, large business functionality together with the easiness of usage that small business owners require. Business benefits include:

  1. Provides Total Solution through a Comprehensive voice and data communication solution for SMEs
  2. Dual Functionality: Functions as a traditional telephone system or an IP telephony server whenever the need arises
  3. Flexibility of the PABX system is that it supports both lone location and multi-site networks
  4. Feature Richness with the built-in Basic call center and voice messaging competences
  5. Future are resilient since the telephone system are Scalable, and can be graded up as the business grows.

Avaya Telephone systems in Dubai empowers customers to experience greater production with the conjunction of communication channels and business developments simply by making use of a new combination of technologies, devices and services. Avaya Communications tools like presence, status, mobility, collaboration, video and voice conferencing, and messaging all can be exploited to its maximum according to the business needs or requirement.

To accomplish the exceptional challenges that grow with the multiplicity in the ever-changing world, Office phone systems should be adaptable enough to gratify the requirements these types of services and products demands. With the AVAYA IP Office Private Branch exchange (PBX) systems and associated applications, today’s small entrepreneurs can have the liberty of their communication as well as networking needs accomplished through Avaya telephone systems in Dubai.

Cisco Telephone Systems

Cisco Telephone Systems Dubai, has converted itself into a foremost choice of those in business who wish to be one step ahead in this world of competition.Cisco Office Telephone System in Dubai offers communications systems over an IP network at a very affordable price. Along with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) featuring many facilities this system also offers traditional features such as speed dialing, redialing, conferencing calling, voice mail access, and calling forwarding. IP Telephone System of Cisco includes not only desk voice and video IP phones, but also call management services for processing. An organization of up to 240 users can be handled at ease with Call Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express. This feature deliver the IP telephony services all through the branches of a small business.

Cisco IP PBX promises the following:

  1. Cisco IP PBX encompasses the details of all phones/Users and their corresponding SIP address which enables it to link an internal call or route an external call via a VoIP gateway or a VoIP service provider.
  2. CISCO IP PABX System will run as a software on a computer and can control the advanced processing power of the computer and user interface as well as Windows features.
  3. One can maintain and Fine tune their phone system via the web-based configuration interface or a GUI option available in CISCO IP PABX systems.
  4. CISCO IP phone system can easily use a VOIP service provider for long distance or international calls thus permitting considerable monthly savings to the users.
  5. With this Office telephone system one can be assured of better customer service and improved productivity. Business applications can be integrated with the phone functions since the inception of computer-based telephone system.
  6. These PABX systems are embedded with the features which are software-based thus enabling the developers to amend the feature sets as per the requirements. The features include auto attendant advanced reporting, voice mail, ring groups and many more all at a price of one.

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